Custom Sign Request Form

Thank you for choosing Hand Treated Home to help create your Custom Sign.

Please fill out the details and information below in order to begin your custom sign request.

In the text box, please provide what you would like your sign to say. Ensure to type out the verbiage exactly as you want it to appear, as we are not responsible for any grammatical or spelling errors. 

Please also include any additional information that you feel is useful to the overall design of your sign, however please refrain from referencing a photo of a design that you want replicated, as we try our best to respect other designers, and to work to create original designs.

We will respond to your Custom Request via email within 7 business days of receipt. After receiving and working on your request you will be sent a draft of your design. You may revise the design up to 2 times from the original draft. Any additional edits will be subject to additional design fees starting at $5.00. Once your design is approved, please allow 2-3 weeks for processing. 

We look forward to working with you to create your Custom Sign!

Please reference the Color Swatches below when selecting background and letter/image colors for your custom sign.

 Color Swatches